The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Account as an Expat

Navigating financial responsibilities as an American citizen residing overseas can be daunting. Adhering to U.S. tax laws and optimizing Social Security benefits while managing finances across borders demands a comprehensive approach. Establishing and effectively managing online accounts with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) is fundamental. We recognize the pivotal role of accessing these services. Here's a comprehensive guide to setting up your account while residing abroad.

The Benefits of offers a host of advantages, making it an essential tool for expats:

  • Convenience: Access multiple government websites using a single ID, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple credentials. Access includes the following:
    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    • Social Security Administration
    • US Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Department of Health & Human Services
    • Several States also offer support through
  • Security: Employs stringent security measures such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Ease of Use: Features a straightforward verification process that can be completed effortlessly from anywhere across the globe.

Steps to Establish Your Account

1. Initiate Verification: Begin at the relevant website and select "Sign in with" or "Verify with"2. Account Creation: Sign in or create an account, ensuring alignment of your details with the partner site.

2. Account Creation: Sign in or create an account, ensuring alignment of your details with the partner site.

  • Caution: Avoid duplicating accounts, as each account functions as a distinct form of identification.

3. Email Confirmation and Multi-Factor Authentication: Verify your email address and set up multi-factor authentication. For those of you living abroad, don’t worry! accepts international phone numbers.

  • Click here to learn more about MFA options.

4. Prepare Identity Documents: Ensure possession of original copies of accepted primary or secondary identity documents.

  • Note on International Documents: Attach translations if documents are not in English; official translations are not mandatory.
  • Follow the link to learn more about the document requirements when living internationally.

5. Verification via Self-Service or Video Chat Agent

  • Self-Service: Requires ID documents and a selfie.
  • Video Chat Agent: Involves ID documents and a recorded video chat, often necessary for identity verification from abroad.

When prompted select Non-U.S. Options: Choose options indicating that you reside outside the United States, allowing access to more verification options. See the image to the left. 

6. Enter Information and Review: Follow prompts, review, and update details as needed. Here are some images from the website that show common questions when registering abroad.

7. Document Submission: Upload required documents, ensuring necessary translations for international documents. (See step 4). 

8. Engage in the Video Call: Interact with an agent during the video call to verify identity and documents.

  • During the Call: The agent will confirm your contact information and view your identity documents for verification.

Here are some tips and tricks to have a successful video call.

9. Confirmation: Upon successful verification, expect a confirmation email.

10. Login: Now you can log in and verify your identity on any website that partners with!

Navigating government websites remotely can seem daunting, but significantly simplifies this process. By following these steps, setting up your account becomes a streamlined gateway to managing governmental affairs while residing abroad, ensuring secure access and operational ease.

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