Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your typical clients?

Connected Financial Planning provides independent, fee-only financial planning, tax, and investment management to individuals and families who are thinking about or currently living in Europe or have ties to Europe in some way. Our typical clients are working professionals. We walk alongside significant life events as clients prepare for partnership/marriage, children, career moves, home ownership, education funding, aging parents, and retirement. 

What services do Connected Financial Planning offer?

We provide financial planning support to our clients in three main ways:

  1. Hourly or project-based planning: this is a limited engagement where we will target a specific question or project during a set engagement period.
  2. 12-week Financial Planning Engagement: We will spend approximately 12 weeks (4-6 meetings) reviewing your current situation and develop a plan that you will implement to get on or stay on track for your life’s goals.
  3. Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Management: clients who complete the initial 12-week financial planning engagement can continue to work with us on an ongoing basis. We will continue to check in twice per year (or as needed) and offer on-going financial and investment management. Clients at this level also have the option to take advantage of our in-house tax preparation services.

What makes Connected Financial Planning different?

We run a fully virtual firm with flexible hours, which means that we can be available when you need us to be available. We’ve worked with clients from Seattle to Singapore and everywhere in between. We understand first-hand what living between multiple countries (and tax jurisdictions!) means logistically and from the planning side. We are fee-only, meaning you pay us directly, and we act only in your best interests (i.e. we are held to the fiduciary standard).

What does “Fee-Only” mean?

It means we never receive compensation from any third party, EVER. We don’t get paid to sell you or to recommend financial products. We are not compensated by insurance, mutual funds or brokerage companies. Fee-Only means the only fee we receive for our services is paid directly by you, our client. This eliminates conflicts of interest when we make financial recommendations. We have no allegiance to any company or product. 

What are your fees?

In an order to be fully transparent we list our fees on our “Planning Service Fees” page.

Do I need a financial advisor?

Maybe. Given enough time, research, and the right tools, you could probably do everything we do yourself. But are you sure that you would want to? Would you keep up on top of the dynamics of the tax and financial world and make sure you aren’t missing something? What if your personal situation changes, how long would it take you to update your models?

Financial planning is our full-time job, and we spend all day working with clients just like you to make sure they are optimizing their personal and financial situations. Research shows that investors can be emotional and reactionary. We're here to help you craft a unique plan adapted to your needs and to keep you accountable for your personal and financial goals.

When choosing a financial planner, it’s important to take your time and speak with several potential advisors. It’s essential to find someone who not only has the right expertise but is also someone you enjoy speaking with regularly. We only work with clients who are a good mutual fit and if we aren’t the right fit, we're happy to provide several recommendations. 

I’m not rich. Can you still help me?

Yes, and that is precisely why we offer different service options. You may just be getting started but want a second opinion about the financial implications of moving abroad, purchasing a home, changing jobs, or investing outside the US. We are here to save you time and money as you set up your ideal life. We do not charge for our initial meeting, nor do we have any account minimums.

I’m ready to sign up. What’s the next step?

Our first step is always a free initial call. This helps us determine if we are a mutual fit and allows you to ask us any questions about how we work. You can directly schedule a meeting, send an email or fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch.

Common Problems & Solutions:

  1. You are a US citizen, resident or US Green card holder who needs help understanding their US tax situation while optimizing it for the country in which they live or plan to live.
    • We will guide you through your tax filing obligations. This can be incredibly complex when moving into or out of a country. But with complexity comes a variety of planning strategies and opportunities. We will ensure that you are taking the right steps to optimize your tax rate and grow your wealth.
  2. You are a US citizen married to a non-US person who needs help optimizing your financial situation while protecting both spouses.
    • We will sit down with you and your partner and discuss what makes the most sense for your unique situation. The US citizen/ US Green card holder will always have a US tax filing obligation. Depending on your current country of residence, this may create some interesting planning and gifting strategies. If one partner is looking to leave the US system (e.g. revoke US Green card or end residency), we will guide you through the process to ensure it is handled correctly from the standpoint of tax compliance.
  3. You have lived in the US and multiple other countries. You aren’t sure what retirement benefits you have and/or where they are located.
    • We will take the time to help you drill down and understand various retirement plans and how they may interact with each other.
  4. You want to purchase property in a foreign country but aren’t sure what the US tax implications may be (WAIT, there are US implications?!)
    • We review the tax and planning considerations around purchasing a personal property or investment property outside of the US.
  5. Your US employer is allowing you to work remotely or on secondment in Europe. How do you navigate tax and planning implications while abroad?
    • Going on assignment in Europe can be an amazing opportunity for you and your family. We’ll work with you beyond your assigned global mobility team to ensure you understand how living abroad on assignment can help you supercharge your savings goals or provide you with an opportunity to comfortably travel. We’ll review the tax return prepared by your assigned provider and the tax equalization calculation to ensure your situation is handled in line with your company policy.
  6. I have equity compensation. Can you help me?
    • Yes, we will review your equity compensation and include it in your broader financial picture. Equity compensation rules can be confusing, and we will help make sure you are both tax- and life-optimizing this compensation element. 


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